(We only have a small time-frame available for those who would like to be part of our Extensive Marketing Strategy at slashed prices!)

With both old-school Conservative Marketing as well as Digital Marketing, we offer the very best combination to ensure your company flies off to become a well-known entity and ensure an increase in bookings.

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In today’s world, only Conventional/ Traditional Marketing is not viable, as a lot of the smaller, more private and family owned entities cannot attend the huge shows overseas in order to get their name and experiences out, and they cannot afford the R 2500-4000 per MONTH that a marketing company that can offer that, can ask. While the strong corporations just get stronger, the smaller, family owned entities just hang on. They do not know who to submit their company to for bookings, and to get the word out overseas about their existence. We are there to change that, by offering affordable marketing to these family owned businesses!!

Half of our clients reading our Magazines are self-planner, self drive travelers with the need to have the most exceptional experiences. The other half wants to book with a private family owned touring company, so that they can have the inside info, the chats, the specific places to see. Also so they can experience the true people of Africa, not just an impersonal bus that drives past some of the very best special places, in order to “stay on schedule”. We would love to lift up all these special companies and establishments in order to give the perfect personal experience to ensure their memories lasts a LIFETIME!

The upside of joining our Marketing Package, is that you get all the conventional e-mails to over 200 great International Travel Companies, as well as to other companies that will benefit and network with you. You get 4 adverts made that can be used on any media, even Post Cards. Furthermore we do intensive Marketing to VIABLE Facebook and Internet groups, in order to ensure that your advert is seen by the correct people. We have learned that it doesn’t matter that 12,000 people have seen your post, but no one books. then it is better that 1,200 people see and 50 book. So, we have scrutinized the system to ensure that this is exactly what will happen.

When joining our Marketing Package, you will automatically receive your FULL PAGE adverts in the Southern Explorer Magazine, which covers all the places south of the equator, as well as in the regional Magazine, eg. Namibia based entities goes into Namibia Explorer, Etc.

And how do we know where to advertise? We spent over 22 years in Tourism, between Marketing Lodges and Managing them. We know the operators overseas, and have built our databases over the years. Being Digital people, we have also kept up with the new companies making a difference in tours, but also in WHERE to get the Self-planner Visitors!

So…. Need more bookings and clients? Contact us NOW!!! Limited spaces are available, as we can only give our best to a certain number of entities!

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    • Olive Apple Media


      Hi! Different sizes have different prices.
      Full Page: US$ 90
      Half Page US$ 60
      Quarter Page: US$ 35
      Eighth Page US$ 20.

      I have e-mailed you,
      Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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