Explorer Magazines and Stay Africa have started creating the VERY BEST in Southern Central Africa Birding tours!

Being an avid birder myself, I know the drive to see, hear and photograph as many as possible birds in a trip… Using well-known, listed and SAFE venues and operators, we can offer you the best sightings and great numbers of birds!

Our trip will include Zimbabwe, Botswana, North Eastern Namibia and Zambia. With more than 500 species that can be seen between the venues planned. You will be supplied with a birding list where you can mark off the birds as seen, as well as a birding chart with some of the most interesting birds that can be seen! Remember that certain birds are seen at certain times, and we will advise you regarding which birds can be seen during which intervals.

While trips can be tailor made, to accommodate certain numbers of people; or to fit into a certain number of days; to fit into certain accommodation types and fitting to a certain budget, we will be able to assist to ensure that you find the ultimate number of birds for your trip.

We will only use LINKED Establishments and operators to Southern Explorer Magazines and Stay Africa – as we know they are safe and will ensure the very best in service.

Contact us NOW to hear more about the Southern Africa Birding Trips!

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