We often get the Question asked: Why should I advertise in your Magazine, or Why should I list on Stay Africa? I am on Booking.com!

Firstly, WELL DONE on being on Booking.com! And every other site you have listed with as a booking site! It makes life so much easier, doesn’t it?

BUT. Being on a booking site, is just that: Getting seen by people are ready to BOOK. People want to plan according to their taste! They first research and then book! They skip smaller towns if they cannot find info on places to stay or adventures to take part in.

How do they FIND YOU, specifically YOU? Or are you going by pure luck and availability? Taking your chances? That is not how it should be. You are unique. You have something special to offer, and you put a lot of work into your establishment. Correct? You created decor, you planned an ambiance. You WANT people to see you! YOU WORKED HARD on your Establishment / your Safari Business! You spent a LOT of money to create it! So, why be second best, and aftermath?

Marketing is just that: Showing people WHAT you have to offer – so they WANT to book with you, and they can plan WHEN they want to book you into their tour. You don’t want to be “just available” You want people to specifically ask for you.

Thus, Marketing enhances your being booked by any Booking site. We are not in competition, we are complimenting. However, we are making sure that people see YOU.

Advertising on Southern Explorer Magazines: Choose the regional Magazine to list in, and then making sure you are seen by a large number of people using the Magazine to identify areas and places to visit. The Magazines are free to download for home users, the self-planners that do everything on their own. The Magazines can also be ordered as printed Coffee Table Magazines for those who would like it. We currently have over 500 travel agents from all over the world falling back on our Magazines for info in assisting travellers to plan a trip. Especially as our Magazines are so visual!

Listing on Stay Africa:

Planning the trip of a lifetime, especially Generation Y Self-planners use the Internet to search for their best options on where to go and what to see. Planning can be done for about 14 months before bookings take place, with different itineraries planned.

14 Months. More than a year. Because they plan to have the trip of a lifetime!!! You need to be seen during those 14 months of planning. Not just at the last 4 minutes during booking because the place they actually wanted to stay with is fully booked…

You are not a last choice. Your efforts are worth more than that!

Prospective travellers use info from everywhere on the internet to decide where to go based on what they can see online and what they read they can experience – and then search for places with the ambience attracting them. Their first choice – the place they WANT to go to, the place they find attractive. The place they can enjoy the effort that you put in to create that specific atmosphere!

While there is a small yearly listing fee of 100US$, Stay Africa takes NO commission, directs people straight to you to pay Rack Rate (your full rates) or redirect the interest travelers to the booking site of your choice. Thus, No Commission taken by Stay Africa, and really making sure people want to book with YOU. have a look at how easy it is to use and search on Stay Africa by visiting www.stay-africa.com. Over 300,000 people use Stay Africa to plan their trips.

When people are interested in booking with YOU, then gets referred to Booking.com or any other Booking site to make their booking easy; we are happy! Because we made sure they know of YOU and want to visit YOU!

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